Mutant x (but not that one)

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I’m awful at keeping track of things. Sure, I have to do lists and calendars but if you asked me where my keys were or what I ate this morning I’d be stumped. I’ve never been much for keeping track of dates or moments or memories. Call it a personality quick or executive disfunction typical to ADHD — it’s just always been hard.

My late friend and writing partner Mac enjoyed chiding me on never updating our ancient html website’s archive with recent editorials. He was the one who made sure the things we wrote were chronicled (and easier to find in the future) while I mostly pressed ahead with whatever fixation I had at the time. Without him I’ve mostly floundered as far keeping tabs on past work.

The linked article above was written by me over a few months in early 2019 for what was then XavierFiles and now ComicsXF. I wanted to provide the “inside baseball” look on a non-X-Men, X-Men tv show from my teenage years. Research began by watching the complete series (oof) and concluded when one of the lead actors ghosted me (I’m calling you out Forbes).

I guess this as a bit of a creator’s commentary reblog. Not to be obnoxious — I promise new new content (not a mistake) in the very near future. Just felt like a good time to start looking back and keeping track.